Being a small start-up, we understand the power of community, creativity and collaborating for good. Our mission is and has always been, to bridge the gap between fashion and compassion.

Our latest collaboration with luxury goods artist Janan Studio helped us raise much-needed funds for the victims of the 4th August Beirut explosion, in the form of our EURTHLIN x JANAN STUDIO charitable giveaway.

Janan is a sought-after luxury goods customizer, with celebrity clients and a long waiting list, so when she agreed to collaborate with us, we were beyond excited and filled with extreme gratitude.

Janan chose to hand-paint one of our Bark Terra Bundles with vintage travel themed artwork that showcased distinct Lebanese landmarks and cultural elements unique to Beirut and Lebanon.


We are incredibly thankful to Janan for collaborating with Eurthlin and to everyone who took part in this great cause by donating directly to the Lebanese Red Cross.

...And a special congratulations to our lucky winner Sarah!


"You think you're just a drop in the ocean... but look at the ripple effect one drop can make." ~ Unknown

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